A secure chat app built for a crypto world

End-to-End Encryption

All messages are secured using heavy end-to-end encryption so no one, even Discourze, can read or hear your private messages.

Auto Translation

Turn on the auto translation button and chat with anyone in your own native language.

Group Chats

Great for both businesses as well as fun and entertainment, Discourze allows users to build groups of up to 1000 people where messages, videos, photos, and even group calls can be had in one place.

Share Great Moments

You can capture the moments that matter to you the most with a built-in camera, share them on your profile, and start receiving likes and comments.


Store BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, and many other alt tokens in one secure wallet. We are always working to make sure our users can store the most popular tokens.

Red Packets

You can send red packets that, when opened, reveal financial gifts shared between your friends and family anywhere in the world for free.

Secure Storage

Security of users’ information and crypto assets is our main priority so we store most of the digital assets in secure, offline storage.

Crypto Payments

Bring blockchain payments into your personal finances and allow for quicker and more accessible cross border payments.

The Most Secure
and Private App Around

Technology is an enormous part of daily life. Malicious hackers are always looking out for easy targets, a chatter who has gotten too comfortable gives them a perfect opening. At Discourze, security and privacy is not just a feature, it’s the standard. Users can sleep soundly knowing that their chats are entirely private. Speak freely with confidence that your chat log and user information is not being collected and, therefore, can never be sold. Never before has an app this secure and powerful existed. Welcome to the totally free, completely secure, and unbelievably safe world of Discourze, the all-in-one crypto based social app of the future.

Chat Privacy


Personal Privacy

Discourze will never collect your private information and data, ensuring your data will not be sold to any third parties.


Encrypted Messaging

Regardless of who you’re talking to, you want your conversation to stay private. Thanks to Discourze’s heavy end-to-end encryption, your text and voice messages, photos, videos and documents are safe.

Wallet Security


24/7/365 Monitoring

Our top security engineers continuously monitor the platform to block any suspicious activity, eliminating risk.


Secure Storage

As with chat privacy, token security is a top priority. The majority of tokens are automatically stored in offline, cold storage servers scattered around the globe preventing malicious cyber attacks.

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